What does oversharing indicate? (2023)

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What does oversharing indicate?

What is Oversharing? Oversharing is when you say more than is appropriate in a given situation or to a specific person. You can overshare in-person or via email, social media, or text message. Often, what you say becomes oversharing when you don't have a deep enough connection with someone.

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What does psychology say about oversharing?

“Your anxiety makes you talk uncontrollably [and] the more you share the more anxious you get but you can't stop,” she says. Lastly, the clinical psychologist says oversharing can also be linked to “a part of you that feels lonely and is looking for connection.”

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Why is oversharing a red flag?

Oversharing doesn't create intimacy. Oversharing is self-absorption masked as vulnerability. This may also signal emotional neediness and/or lack of boundaries.

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Do people with borderline overshare?

People with BPD often engage in self-sabotaging behavior. This can include: Oversharing. Misplaced anger.

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Why is oversharing a trauma response?

While venting can be a natural part of working through our negative emotions, does it become toxic at a certain point? It turns out, it can. And that's when venting becomes trauma dumping — the act of oversharing your emotions in a way that becomes harmful to the other person.

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Is oversharing gaslighting?

That said, gaslighters do have some common characteristics and there are some behaviors you can look out for: Lack of boundaries (oversharing information about themselves or others) Making excuses, blaming others for their issues. Reacting explosively to feedback or (real or imagined) threats.

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Is oversharing a form of manipulation?

When you overshare, you open up to judgment and criticism from others. You also become vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation. If you share too much with someone, they may start to use your information against you. Oversharing can also have negative consequences for your mental health.

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What disorder makes you overshare?

Bipolar Disorder, The Urge to Overshare, and Avoiding Rejection.

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Is oversharing part of ADHD?

It's common for people with ADHD to overshare information. People may be impulsive and not stop to think about what they're saying. Treating ADHD can help people improve self-control and think about consequences.

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Is oversharing a lack of boundaries?

Oversharing is a common struggle among people who lack personal boundaries. It's not a conscious decision, but it often leaves us feeling icky and depleted. Oversharing usually comes from a desire to connect.

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Do insecure people overshare?

Overshare. One sure way to recognize an insecure person on social media is that they overshare. They go to painstaking measures to share details that no one would have ever asked for. More often than not, it's because they feel that they have something to prove.

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How do you tell someone to stop oversharing?

5 steps to deal when your friends are oversharing
  1. Get clear on your boundaries. ...
  2. Assess whether the oversharing might be temporary. ...
  3. Use “I” statements. ...
  4. Tell your friend what you're comfortable discussing. ...
  5. Point out if someone else's privacy might be involved.
Mar 11, 2022

What does oversharing indicate? (2023)
Is oversharing a symptom of bipolar?

Oversharing. It can be hard to process and filter the constant thoughts, heightened feelings, and energy levels of a manic episode. This can sometimes result in feeling unable to stop oneself from sharing random or inappropriate compulsive thoughts, even in serious situations.

What are some examples of oversharing?

Examples of Oversharing
  • Posting intimate details about your relationships, friendships, family matters, or personal drama.
  • Using social media as a soapbox or a way to vent your emotions.
  • Posting photos or videos of things meant to be private.
  • Posting embarrassing photos or videos of yourself or others.
Jan 7, 2020

Is overthinking a symptom of borderline personality disorder?

The young woman with BPD told Elite Daily, “Long story short, it's very hard for those with BPD to have successful and healthy relationships and stable confidence levels. Our version of 'logical thinking' is most often overthinking. We have a very hard time distinguishing between real issues or imaginary issues.

What is the fawn response oversharing?

Over-explaining means describing something to an excessive degree, whereas oversharing is the disclosure of an inappropriate amount of information and detail about your personal life. These fall under the fawn trauma response (see podcast #302 for more information on the different trauma responses).

What is trauma dumping?

Trauma dumping is defined as unloading traumatic experiences on others without warning or invitation. It's often done to seek validation, attention, or sympathy. While some initial relief may come from dumping your trauma onto someone else, the habit actually does more harm than good.

What is fawning over-explaining?

The term fawning, which refers to over-explaining trauma, was first coined by Pete Walker, MFT. “Fawn types seek safety by merging with the wishes, needs, and demands of others,” he wrote in The 4Fs: A Trauma Typology in Complex PTSD.

Are narcissists overshare?

If a person is a narcissist, or they feel inadequate, they often end up sharing everything that comes to mind to make sure they are heard. The insecurity of feeling ignored or too much self-validation overpowers their ability to decide what to share or not.

Should I apologize for oversharing?

She explains, “If the overshare happened due to an emotional crisis and you are now feeling awkward about it, saying something like, 'thanks for listening to me' might be a better option than an apology.” However, if you overshared while intoxicated during a work event, you should prioritize an apology.

What is the alarming of gaslighting?

Why gaslighting is so damaging. Gaslighting makes you doubt your own perception, your feelings, and your memory. It makes you doubt reality itself, and therefore your own sanity.

What are the 4 stages of manipulation?

The 4 stages of manipulation
  • Flattery. The first stage is when the person who manipulates puts on a facade of being kind, caring, and helpful. ...
  • Isolation. This is when the person who manipulates may start to isolate you from your friends and family. ...
  • Devaluing and gaslighting. ...
  • Fear or violence.
Apr 15, 2022

Is oversharing a vulnerability?

Oversharing can end up being the complete opposite of genuine vulnerability and cause distrust, disconnection, and disengagement. Instead of bringing people together, oversharing can do the complete opposite. It can feel uncomfortable for both sides.

What personality type manipulates?

Deceitfulness and exceptional manipulative abilities are the most common traits among antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. It is the major feature found in the dark triad personality traits, particularly Machiavellianism.

What are the signs of ADHD in female adults?

  • Impulsiveness.
  • Disorganization and problems prioritizing.
  • Poor time management skills.
  • Problems focusing on a task.
  • Trouble multitasking.
  • Excessive activity or restlessness.
  • Poor planning.
  • Low frustration tolerance.
Jan 25, 2023

Is overthinking part of ADHD?

The ADHD brain also gets easily consumed. This means ADHD and overthinking kind of go hand in hand. The ADHD brain grasps hold of your thoughts and runs away with them, while emotions keep the engine running.

What is masking ADHD?

If you hide your adult ADHD symptoms from other people, that's called masking. Basically, you're trying to seem more “normal” or “regular.” ADHD causes some people to act hyperactive or impulsive. It makes other folks have trouble paying attention. And still other adults have a combination of those symptoms.

Why do I talk too much and Overshare?

Experts say oversharing often happens when we are trying subconsciously to control our own anxiety. This effort is known as "self regulation" and here is how it works: When having a conversation, we can use up a lot of mental energy trying to manage the other person's impression of us.

What are signs of poor boundaries?

Individuals who lack appropriate boundaries often struggle with telling others how they feel (for fear of rejection or ridicule), struggle with feeling burdened by how others perceive them (due to a desire to people-please), strive to make everyone happy with their performance (at work, in school, at home, etc.), and ...

What are poor boundaries a symptom of?

People lack boundaries because they have a high level of neediness (or in psych terms, codependence). People who are needy or codependent have a desperate need for love and affection from others. To receive this love and affection, they sacrifice their identity and remove their boundaries.

How can you tell if someone is secretly insecure?

How To Detect Insecure People – 8 Signs You Can Check
  1. They humblebrag. ...
  2. They try to make you feel insecure. ...
  3. They try to dominate. ...
  4. They one-up you in everything. ...
  5. They lie about themselves and others. ...
  6. They are shy. ...
  7. They act snobbish. ...
  8. They assume the negative intention.
Feb 20, 2021

What does oversharing feel like?

Overeating causes the stomach to expand beyond its normal size to adjust to the large amount of food. The expanded stomach pushes against other organs, making you uncomfortable. This discomfort can take the form of feeling tired, sluggish or drowsy. Your clothes also may feel tight, too.

How can you tell if someone is insecure with themselves?

Signs of Insecurity
  1. An overriding feeling of inadequacy.
  2. Low self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.
  3. Like they are unable or ill-equipped to cope with stressors.
  4. Generally uncertain about the world.
  5. Anxious about their relationships with others.
  6. Poor decision-making skills and limited ability to choose quickly.

What are 5 signs of bipolar?

The manic phase of bipolar disorder may include:
  • feeling very happy, elated or overjoyed.
  • talking very quickly.
  • feeling full of energy.
  • feeling self-important.
  • feeling full of great new ideas and having important plans.
  • being easily distracted.
  • being easily irritated or agitated.

What are signs of bipolar in a woman?

Bipolar disorder symptoms in females
  • feeling “high”
  • feeling jumpy or irritated.
  • having increased energy.
  • having elevated self-esteem.
  • feeling able to do anything.
  • experiencing reduced sleep and appetite.
  • talking faster and more than usual.
  • having rapid flights of ideas or racing thoughts.
Jun 9, 2021

Am I bipolar or overthinking?

Most people overthink decisions or second-guess choices they've made at one time or another but when you have bipolar disorder, it can feel like you're on a hamster wheel without any signs of a slow down or an end in sight.

What is avoid oversharing?

What is oversharing? Oversharing can be posting too frequently, posting inappropriate content such as discriminatory statements, disparaging your previous employers—or in the case of the Cisco story, potential employer and posting incriminating photos.

What does a BPD meltdown look like?

For many folks with BPD, a “meltdown” will manifest as rage. For some, it might look like swinging from one intense emotion to another. For others, it might mean an instant drop into suicidal ideation. Whatever your experience is, you're not alone.

What are the 5 signs of borderline personality disorder?

5 Common Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Avoidance Of Abandonment. People living with BPD often go to extreme lengths to avoid what is typically one of their deepest fears: being abandoned by those they love. ...
  • Unstable Relationships. ...
  • Impulsive Behaviors. ...
  • Severe Mood Swings. ...
  • Stress-Induced Dissociation.

What is the hardest mental illness to live with?

Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPDs) become overwhelmed and incapacitated by the intensity of their emotions, whether it is joy and elation or depression, anxiety, and rage. They are unable to manage these intense emotions.

What disorder is oversharing everything?

Bipolar Disorder, The Urge to Overshare, and Avoiding Rejection.

Is oversharing a form of anxiety?

For some people, sharing the intimate details of their lives can be empowering and freeing. But for many others, oversharing is a coping mechanism for anxiety, stress, and untreated trauma. In some cases, oversharing may be a cry for help from someone struggling to cope with their mental health.

What mental illness causes excessive talking?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): People with ADHD may talk excessively and interrupt frequently.

What is a negative of oversharing?

Oversharing can be especially dangerous because of the tendency to expose sensitive information which jeopardizes your privacy and security.

Is oversharing an ADHD symptom?

Adults with ADHD frequently think being sociable with others is an all-or-nothing part of their lives. Either they're oversharing and talking too much, or they're withdrawn and staying home alone. Hyperactivity in adults is often expressed as being overly talkative and boisterous.

Is oversharing a part of bipolar?

Oversharing. It can be hard to process and filter the constant thoughts, heightened feelings, and energy levels of a manic episode. This can sometimes result in feeling unable to stop oneself from sharing random or inappropriate compulsive thoughts, even in serious situations.

Is oversharing a symptom of PTSD?

If you live with complex trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma dumping or oversharing could be a natural trauma response and coping mechanism.

What are the early warning signs of schizophrenia?

The most common early warning signs include:
  • Depression, social withdrawal.
  • Hostility or suspiciousness, extreme reaction to criticism.
  • Deterioration of personal hygiene.
  • Flat, expressionless gaze.
  • Inability to cry or express joy or inappropriate laughter or crying.
Mar 1, 2023

What is the psychology of people who talk too much?

Over-talking often arises from social anxiety, which creates a troubling feedback loop. The more people talk, the more anxious they become about their social selves, and the more they talk. At that point, over-talking can feel like an uncontrollable habit.

What is wrong with a person that talks non stop?

It also could be caused by extreme anxiety, certain drugs and occasionally schizophrenia and other illnesses. The person talks rapidly, nonstop, loudly and with urgency, interrupts and is hard to interrupt, and can be tangential (off topic).

Is oversharing a defense mechanism?

The feeling of inadequacy, the desire to prove oneself to others, and the anxiety of being ignored are considered other causes of oversharing. Studies have shown that oversharing becomes a defense mechanism for individuals with low self-esteem.

What to do against oversharing?

How to stop oversharing
  • Give yourself a time restriction. ...
  • Reflect before writing or speaking. ...
  • Make it right. ...
  • Lighten the mood. ...
  • Bridge the conversation or change the subject. ...
  • Shift the conversation. ...
  • Politely excuse yourself. ...
  • Extend compassion to yourself and others.
Sep 15, 2021


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